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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Using the most current available consumer demographic and income data, we will help you identify your best customers. Then others like them are targeted in your market. We will help you make great gift certificates to advertise to your target audiences. With your help, we will perform a monthly or quarterly return on investment analysis for you.
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You can test and choose which selection of our print and digital communication programs works best for you. You will like how our artists depict your business, whether in print or on the web.
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Not only are we good at what we do, but we are also good people. We have many success stories that speak to our ability to help your business.
Each card comes personalized with the individual or family name using variable data printing. We are not a coupon or discount company; we offer gift certificates inviting them into your business.
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How it Works

At the beginning of every month, your two-sided, full color, glossy postcard will be mailed with a personal birthday message and a special gift from you to those consumers celebrating a birthday within a set radius, enticing them to visit your business.

Let Us Handle It! Our Service Includes...

  • Designing your personalized postcard
  • Targeting based on your business' unique needs
  • Mailing to our verified address list to reach a new audience each month
  • Reporting analytics defining who is responding to your messaging
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