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People love being remembered on their special day. Differentiate your business from hundreds of competitors by sending out a personalized gift when it counts.

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Tailor your reach through demographics and location to get your mailers to the right audience.

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The recipient's name is on the front and back of every personalized and custom postcard.

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Each postcard has a unique 2D barcode system to easily track the results of your custom mailers.

We Guide You Through the Process

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Choosing a Product

We help you make the right direct mail marketing decision for your business.

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Designing the Postcard

Our graphic design team creates custom visuals that reflect your business' brand and will get a customer's attention.

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Selecting the Offer

We are experienced in which gifts on mailers are most effective at driving foot traffic to your business.

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Targeting the Customer

Through custom mailing lists we can target by geographic radius or specific demographics to find your ideal customer.


Tracking the Results

Based on who redeems the gift, we can adjust future mailings to improve performance on your direct mail campaign.

Celebrations Direct Postcard for Prime Rib Birthday Celebration Mailers Card
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We have been advertising with Celebration Mailers since June of 2018. We have attracted many new clients to our special-occasion restaurant through the program and have also seen many customers come back who have not been in for years. The return on investment has been very good from the first month through today. I highly recommend this program to any business.

Brad Black

General Manager, The Prime Rib of Baltimore

Celebration Mailers is a great way to reward loyal customers and attract new customers. We have been using this program for the last three years and have averaged between 20% and 25% redemption. Customer feedback has been extremely positive throughout the three years, which is one of several reasons why we plan to continue the program indefinitely.

Chris Richards

Owner, Greenmount Station

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