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For Birthday or New Mover Mailings, your cards are mailed monthly 5 business days before the 1st of the month to achieve an in-home date within the first few days of the month.

For Neighborhood Radius Mailings, the cards are mailed twice a month to arrive in-home around the 9-12th and the 24th-27th.

The mailing originates from our central production facilities in Virginia and California, so there will be some variance on in-home dates depending on where you’re located within the country and the relative efficiency and workload at your local postal station.

Yes, it’s our standard policy to include you in the list for your first mailing. So, you should receive a card in the mail just like all the birthdays, new movers, and neighbors. It’s a nice reminder that the cards are hitting in your area and will allow you to see the final printed piece before they start coming in.

Please discuss how this will be handled with your specific dealer.

Yes, you can make changes to your mailing at any time. This includes changing the copy, offer, mailing parameters, demographics, or distribution area if needed. One of the nice things about this program is its relatively low maintenance nature. Once we have it “dialed in” we may not need to make any changes for months or even years. But, if there is something we can do in the meantime to make it work better for you, we’re all for that – just let us know.

Just give us a call or email. Your initial contract is for a 4-month term, and then you have the flexibility to stop at any time with a simple 30-day notice should something come up in your business.

The deadline for making changes is the 10th or the 25th. As long as we know of any change you need (copy, demographics, etc.) by the 10th or 25th, we can take care of it for you for the next month’s mailing.

Our mailing list is pulled from a national consumer database, which is meticulously maintained by our list compiler. Our data’s main sources include voter registrations, driver license information, and consumer supplied data from questionnaires.

Occasionally a customer who receives a birthday card may wonder, “How did you get my birthday?” Most of the time, it’s just curiosity. But, now and then, you may encounter a customer who is suspicious or concerned about their sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This is understandable in this day & age of identity theft.

Here are some tips on how to handle that situation.

  1. Be empathetic to the customer’s concern but also reassure them that there is nothing to worry about. For starters, you can explain that we do not track their exact date of birth – just the “birth month.”
  2. Explain that we don’t share our information with anyone and that what we’re doing with it is only a good thing – a free birthday gift!

Once the customer knows we don’t track the exact birth date (i.e. not the year & day but only the birth month) they are often relieved of any concern. Nowadays, most people are aware that much more sensitive information is available with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse to anyone whose motives might not be as pure as ours. If they really want to get alarmed, have them get on the internet and Google their name.

The bottom line is that whether you consider this information sensitive or not, we are not harming them but, on the contrary, offering them a free gift!

If the customer is still inconsolable, call us, and we can provide a website that the customer can visit to opt-out of any unsolicited direct mail.

So, briefing your employees on how to handle this situation if it arises should help smooth out any potential friction with customers.

Our mailing list is cleaned monthly to verify the accuracy of the mailing address and deliverability. Of course, no mailing list is perfect, but we are proud of our list’s accuracy and have found it to be over 95% accurate.

Be sure to meet with your staff and show them the card. Let them know that this is just starting up so they’ll be prepared to roll out the red carpet to the very first people that come in. You may want to implement a policy on how to save the redeemed cards for analysis, etc. We’ve had some clients attach a receipt to each redeemed card and later put together a spreadsheet analysis to measure the return on investment.

One of the strengths of this program is its “trackability.” Since there’s a redeemable gift card, you’ll know how it’s working. We’ve even enhanced response tracking through our Barcode Tracking System, which is an optional feature that you can add at no extra cost – just give us a call.

The results you see from our program depend on several factors. The most significant include: your type of business, promotional offer, reputation, targeted mailing area and demographic selects, etc. And, although we can’t guarantee the response you’ll see, we are very good at predicting based on our experience in dealing with dozens of businesses just like yours.

We encourage you to scrutinize our program and are confident that we can perform well based on reasonable success criteria. Please check with your dealer for ideas on how to measure the results and maximize the benefit you receive from our program.

Yes, we have other programs that target businesses. We also handle mailings for Special Events & Seasonal Promotions, New Product Announcements, Grand Openings, etc. We can even clean and mail to your Current Customer database, which can be a gold mine of additional revenues. Just call us if you’d like to find out more about one of our other targeted marketing programs.

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