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Why Celebration Mailers?

Of Americans dine out on their birthday according to the National Restaurant Association: 2019 State of the Industry Report.
People are celebrating a birthday close proximity to your restaurant!
Birthdays are the #1 special occasion for dining out. The second most popular occasion is Mother's Day and then Valentine's Day.
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Don't just take our word for it. Watch JJ Hoffman talk about the success that his ice cream shop has seen using our personalized birthday and new mover mailers!

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We believe everyone’s birthday is cause for celebration.

In America, folks love to make those birthday memories at a restaurant. That’s why Celebration Mailers can help. We’ll deliver high-spending, large-group affairs to your restaurant, measurable to the penny, with a cash flow positive return on marketing spend. There is ‘Celebration Momentum built into birthdays and we’ve discovered a super creative and cost-effective way to funnel that momentum into your business. Imagine the look on the face of the recipient when they receive a personalized birthday card from your restaurant, with a compelling gift certificate! We know where folks who are having a birthday live in proximity to your restaurant. Each and every month, we deliver a fresh batch of celebrants, eager to gather, spend lavishly and make memories at your locations.
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