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People love being remembered on their special day.

Every month thousands of consumers will celebrate their birthday right in your area. At Celebration Mailers, we can help you identify those consumers and invite them into your business in a special way.
A majority of birthdays are spent dining out in groups of 4 or more people.
The National Restaurant Assoc. says that 7 out of 10 consumers dine out for their special day. The average consumer will choose a restaurant 3.0-3.7 miles from their home.
Birthdays are the #1 event for dining out, over Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.
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How it Works

At the beginning of every month, your two-sided, full-color, glossy postcard will be mailed with a personal birthday message and a special gift from you to those consumers celebrating a birthday within a set radius, inviting them to visit your business.

Let Us Handle It! Our Service Includes...

  • Designing your personalized postcard
  • Targeting based on your business' unique needs
  • Mailing to our verified address list, reaching a new audience each month
  • Reporting analytics defining who is responding to your messaging

Sincere Message

Your mailer will include a sincere birthday note from you or your team, inviting the consumer to come visit your business for their special day.

Complimentary Gift

A gift with no strings attached lets them know this isn’t just a coupon to get them into your business, but rather a gift from you for their special day.

Colorful Imagery

Choose from birthday images like cakes, candles, and gifts, or go one step further and use a picture related to your business, such as your restaurant’s most popular dish! Our dealers will work with you hand-in-hand to design your postcard from start to finish!

Our Results are Sweet

Personalized direct mail is one of the strongest ways to market your business. Learn more from your personal dealer today!
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