At the age of 27, David Michaelson wanted to buy a direct mail company. With that, he went to banks and shared his ideas to his relatives in hopes for loans or financial support. However, without any experience, no one was willing to help, and he began to doubt himself.


One day, he found himself striking a conversation with this stranger at an art gallery. They talked about family, money, and even their career goals. As the night went on, he ended up telling her about how his financial struggles are holding him back from becoming a business owner.


She then introduced David to her husband, who asked if he knew anything about owning a business.


David replied with “less than 0.”


He looked to his wife and asked, “would you like to help this young man?” To which she replied, “he deserves a chance.”


In that moment, her husband got up and handed David a check for $80,000. He said, “one day, you are going to do for many others what I am doing for you today.”


Celebration Mailers Today

At Celebration Mailers, we want people who have been working for others and are now wanting to be independent by owning their own business. As a six-figure opportunity, we have excellent training with our staff that will be provided free of charge. Every single client that a dealer sells, profit goes right to the bottom line.


If you have good work ethic, you have experience. You can become something at Celebration Mailers.


Today, our team is knit together by the desire to provide measurable solutions to marketing challenges facing local businesses. As a growing national chain of experienced local marketing consultants, we bring together local business and consumers through mailers to celebrate life’s greatest moments and build new ones.


Clients include restaurants seeking birthday celebrants goods and service businesses looking to welcome new movers into their neighborhoods, and home improvement contractors seeking homeowners who may need to repair, replace, or remodel their home. We communicate our clients’ offers to consumer households through both print and digital media and regularly measure our clients return on their marketing investment.


Celebration Mailers can help you too! Call or email us start making memories and building connections.





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